Grace Mahya


ALL SHOWs CANCELLED  TILL FURTHER NOTICE. We have to stop Corona. It’s up to every  single one of us. Have Patience and we will  get through this! I miss you all.   Music is great vitamin for our souls. So I’m singing a tune everyday on YouTube for some relaxation and fun. Hoping this will start your day with a nice cup of coffee and some music, and put a smile on your face throughout the rest of your day!

Keep the positivity going and good vibes!






Welcome to Grace Mahya’s  homepage !

We will get through this as long as we all do what we need to. Patience everybody, but lets keep our good vibes in our souls going. Can’t wait to perform again and make music together again. There is a lot of lesson here for each of us. And we can update our ways of thinking for the future. We can do it!

See you on YouTube for the time being!

大変な時ですが、皆さん、頑張りましょう!辛抱って辛いですよね。でも皆自分ができる事をやれば、(今は辛くても)それが一番の復帰の近道です!一緒に頑張ろう世界!そして、時間がある今、できる事見直したり、今までの仕事や人に対しての考え方見直し。アップデートするチャンスでもありますね。未来にまだ同じところにいないように、しっかり考える時ですね! Lets Do it! We can Do it!

またライブで会えるまで、YouTubeでお会いしましょう♫ ポジティブな気持ちを忘れずに!